What is boichar?

In simple terms; Biochar is Plant Food.

Third Eye Organix Biochar is a sustainably made charcoal phenomenon that amplifies soil fruitfulness as well as carbon isolation.

Third Eye Organix Biochar will nourish your plants with all of the essentials they need to prosper and produce astounding results. Biochar has a very large surface area allowing it to obtain and retain many times its own weight in H2o.

Biochar draws in cations (positively charged ions that consist of plant nutrients such as; potassium, magnesium & calcium) as well as anions (negatively charged ions that consist of phosphates & nitrates). In return, nutrient efficiency is optimized.

Third Eye Organix Biochar supplies a protected habitat where fungi, bacteria & micro-organisms can prosper. As the microbes multiply, they store minerals for your plants (micro-organism waste aka: plant food) in the biochar until your plant is ready to uptake all needed nutrients. 

How is it made?

Biochar is made through pyrolysis; a process in which biomass is heated to a temperature of 400 – 800°C under the absence of oxygen. Resulting in a porous charcoal like content known as biochar.

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